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RE: nfs problems

> Hi Sam, many thanks for following up on this problem.
> Does your local windows machine has more than 2 (two) hard 
> drives? In my machine, c: and d: are two different drives.

Unfortunately, no.  So I'm unable to try and reproduce the
exact problem that you're seeing.
> I have tried by creating /exports/c and /exports/d as 
> explained in the README file.
> First I just created /exports/d; mounted and exported it 
> within cygwin as described. In this situation, mounting
> it from linux does work just fine, great!. I can live with
> just this.

Wheh!  OK, that's good to hear.

> But, if now I follow the same procedure for c then something 
> weird goes one.
> Now in cygwin I have c: and d: mounted over /exports/c and 
> /exports/d, respectively, and my /etc/exports looks like this
> /exports/c (ro, no_root_squash)
> /exports/d (ro, no_root_squash)
> if in linux now I mount /exports/d then what I see by ls-ing 
> its content is not 'd' but 'c'! Am I clear?

Unfortunately, yes :-(  It certainly sounds like something in
the nfs-server is doing the wrong thing when resolving mounts
in this situation.
> After this strange situation I have exported a third entry, 
> '/usr'. And yes, it mounts just fine in the remote linux box.
> As far as I can tell, I can export 'd' and properly mount it in the 
> remote machine only when it is the only one.

I'm sorry that you're seeing this problem, Rodrigo - and I
don't think that I will have the ability to dig into this
problem anytime soon.  If you have any interest in working on
resolving it, I'd be happy to hear whatever else you can
discover about the problem.


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