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Re: SSHD problem

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 03:28:56PM +0100, Jacek Trzcinski wrote:
>U??ytkownik Eric Blake napisa??:
>>Hash: SHA1
>>According to Jacek Trzcinski on 11/14/2005 5:02 AM:
>>>Hi everybody !
>>>After a lot of time I decided to upgrade my very old version of Cygwin
>>>to latest release.
>>>Unfortunately there is something wrong when I try to execute sshd sever
>>>by for example "net start sshd". Any trial ends with message:
>>>"Entry point of procedure _impure_ptr not found in library cygwin1.dll".
>>>I utilize Windows 2000 with SP4.
>>>What is solution of my proble ?
>>Possibly just a reboot, but more likely a rerun of setup.exe with all
>>services stopped.  Although you did not follow these reporting directions:
>>>Problem reports:
>>it looks like your cygwin1.dll was not upgraded because it was in use
>>at the time.  Therefore, when the new sshd tries to use features of the
>>new cygwin, but the old cygwin is still in use, you get the mentioned
>Thanks for response but: 1) Rebooting did not resolve the problem 2)
>Cygwin1.dll is from July 2005 so I guess it is new.  As a matter of
>fact I removed all cygwin files from Cygwin directory and installed
>latest version of Cygwin to other partition on my disk.  Situation did
>not changed.

Nevertheless, your problem is an indication of the existence of another,
older cygwin1.dll on your system, either in a directory in your PATH or
in a windows system directory.  There is no other explanation.


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