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Re: WINE on Cygwin

Flu-X AKA Informações wrote:
>> Any other comments regarding the bulding/execution of the Wine under
>> Cygwin would be very welcome. 

>> FLu-X 

Andrew DeFaria responded:
> I guess I don't see the point.

One obvious application -- facing me now -- is to run Win 3.11 and Win 
95 applications that break under XP but not under WINE. In a larger 
company, I'd simply turn a random workstation into a Linux server and 
put CygWin/X on each workstation, but in a very small company (say, 2 
or 3 workstations) that's not a practical option. "CygWINE" would be 
perfect for those. "We do MS-Windows better than Microsoft does." (-:

BTW, about the spam-armouring on the list archives... I copied and 
pasted the addresses in this email, verbatim, from 
into KMail and they all came out right. If KMail can do it, so can 
spammers. Two tricks I use to achieve the same ends are to simply leave 
the word "dot" out of the domain, so my email becomes "leon at 
cyberknights com au", and to scramble the addresses and use an 
OnMouseOver to descramble them at view time. Sooner or later, the 
nasties will start executing JavaScript too, but at the moment it seems 
to work.

Cheers; Leon

--     Modern tools; traditional dedication       Member, Perth Linux User Group            Member, Linux Professionals WA             Member, Open Source Industry Australia            Member, Linux Australia

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