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RE: nfs problems

Hi Sam, many thanks for following up on this problem.

Does your local windows machine has more than 2 (two) hard drives? In my machine, c: and d: are two different drives.

I have tried by creating /exports/c and /exports/d as explained in the README file.

First I just created /exports/d; mounted and exported it within cygwin as described. In this situation, mounting it from linux does work just fine, great!. I can live with just this.

But, if now I follow the same procedure for c then something weird goes one.

Now in cygwin I have c: and d: mounted over /exports/c and /exports/d, respectively, and my /etc/exports looks like this

/exports/c (ro, no_root_squash)
/exports/d (ro, no_root_squash)

if in linux now I mount /exports/d then what I see by ls-ing its content is not 'd' but 'c'! Am I clear?

After this strange situation I have exported a third entry, '/usr'. And yes, it mounts just fine in the remote linux box.

As far as I can tell, I can export 'd' and properly mount it in the remote machine only when it is the only one.

thanks again,

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