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Re: Hard links on a UDF file system

On Nov 11 17:54, Jason Pearce wrote:
> I have a removable disc (IOMEGA REV), and I want to use cygwin to take 
> backups using cp -l and rsync as per 
> This requires hard links to work, which they do on the NTFS partitions, 
> but the IOMEGA has a UDF file system and they don't seem to work there 
> (revealed by ls -i).
> I believe UDF supports hard links 
> (, so 
> maybe its just Cygwin that does not allow them?
> Can anyone help?
> Some additional background:
> My first thought was to reformat the IOMEGA to NTFS but I found I could 
> not. IOMEGA's web site says the following:
> *
> >*Why does the Iomega REV drive use the UDF file system for PCs?*
> >The UDF file system is the file system of choice as it overcomes many 
> >of the limitations of other popular file systems. The FAT32 file 
> >system has a 30GB format limit and a 4GB file size limitation. The 
> >NTFS file system does not support removable media. UDF also allows 
> >Iomega REV disks to use advanced ECC error correction on its media.
> *I am not sure if that claim is true, but I have not been able to find a 
> way to format the disc to NTFS.

Very likely Cygwin is not the culprit, but the UDF device driver, or
even Windows itself which might or might not support hardlinks on
anything other than NTFS.  Cygwin duly calls CreateHardlink (or the
appropriate pre-W2K functionality), but apparently the function
returns with an errno.  stracing the ln(1) application might give some

As for claiming that NTFS doesn't support removable media... I'm using
NTFS successfully on floppies and memory sticks.


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