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Re: Hang with 20051018 (3rd version) snapshot while building OOo

> (snip)
>>Unfortunately it still does hang. See here:
>><> for details.
> It's still hanging in a multimedia timer call, which is "interesting".
> The latest snapshot comments out the part of the code which sets the
> timer resolution, on the off chance that setting it to 1ms is what is
> causing the problem.
> It's a long shot but please try out the latest snapshot.
Testing will happen soon ...

> Have you ever mentioned what kind of system this is, btw?  Is it hyperthreaded,
> SMP, what clock speed, how much memory...?
It is a system with 1.8GHz, no hyperthreading, no smp, 512Mb.

The only abnormal thing we could find is that it is running in
a Terminal Service session.

On *that* system it is pretty easy to reproduce the hang. It hangs
when you move another window over the one that is currently building
OOo. The "build window" is a cygwin bash prompt started with cygwin.bat.

I just asked in the OOo development ml who else can reproduce the problem.


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