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RE: AW: non gui setup of cygwin possible?

non-perfections in outlook-quotefix:

> On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, cygwin.20.maillinglist wrote:
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>>> Von: Igor Pechtchanski - pechtcha@XX.XXX.XXX
>>> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 9. November 2005 20:02
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>>> Cc: cygwin@XXXXXX.XXX
> <>.  Thanks.

 To achieve this with Outlook read below.
You're on your own with Outlook Express settings, but there is a OE version
of "quotefix" at the same site.

To get quoting be better (not perfect) in Outlook visit this site, download,
install and use outlook-quotefix. (a pity it is only for plain text) and Click on Software.

GENERAL "Outlook" info follows:

Standard settings for Outlook 2k (version: 9, in Office 2k premium):

Options not mentioned here is up to your preference.

- Go to the Menu and click Tools and then Options

The "Options" Dialog opens.

To set standard quoting style:
Make sure you have the /Preferences\ tab open (Click on it)
  Click the [Email options] button
  Now, below "On replies and forwards ---"
  set both "When replying to a message"
       and "When forwarding a message"
  to "Prefix each line of the original message"
  and also set "Prefix each line with:" as ">" if it isn't already.

Click OK on the dialog, and then
      OK again on the OK/Cancel information dialog
         regarding the spelling checker shortcoming (if you get one).

The standard mail format:
Now click on the /Mail format\ tab
Then set "Send in this message format:" to "Plain text"
Click [Settings] and make sure "Encode text" is "none"
and that "Automatically wrap at xx characters when sending"
 has an xx of at most "76"
Click [OK] to keep settings and go back.

Click [International Options]
Enable (i.e. make a tick appear for)
 "USe English for message flags"  and
 "Use English for message headers on replies and forwards"
Choose an "ISO" variant of encoding for messages (both options).
To be most general, "Western European (ISO)" should suffice.
Click [OK]

To create a standard signature line:
Click [Signature picker]
Click [New]
Enter e.g. "Mini" (or anything you find apropriate)
in the signature name field.
Click [Next>]
Type something like what is between the begin and end lines here:
Replace "username" with your name or initial(s).
Also; note that the first line above should be EXACTLY
 "-- ", that is dash, dash, space and a linefeed.
Well mannered email clients does not include what is below this line
in replies and forwards.

Click [OK] buttons until you've closed the "Options" dialog.

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