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Re: Old versions of setup.exe

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > Dave's running this command on a self-compiled version of setup.  The
> > setup on the Cygwin site is compressed with upx, which mangles all strings
> > (except the PE header).  So, one way to get version information into setup
> > is to use the "Version:" tag in the PE header (or whatever it's called),
> > but that will only work for the newest setup versions -- the older ones
> > will have the "unextractable version" problem.
> In that case:
> upx -d setup.exe -o setup.tmp >/dev/null && \
>    strings setup.tmp | grep setup-version | cut -d ' ' -f 3 && \
>    rm setup.tmp

UPX!  What a cool little util.  I had no idea that setup.exe was being
supplied as a compressed exe (I guess I've been skimming my email a
little too lightly and missed that little bit of trivia :).

setup.exe expands from 305k to 846k!  Wow!

Ok, so this gives me the ability to automate the archiving of setup.exe as
well.   Cool!  The Time Machine will start archiving setup.exe too.

Thanks Brian & Igor (and you too Dave)!

> Brian

Peter A. Castro <> or <>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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