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Re: Problem: sigrelse() in winsup but not defined in signal.h

Hello Igor,

Thankyou for your reply. Firstly, yes I should have done a bit more reading before posting. I did as you suggested and downloaded the latest snapshot (winsup-src-20051108).

The problem that I experienced before still exists in the latest snapshot. sigrelse() is defined in winsup/cygwin/ but is not declared in signal.h (sighold() etc. are all declared here).

Producing a patch to fix this issue is a trivial task which I am more than happy to do. However, as this situation (defined but not declared) is such a show-stopper and cygwin always seems to be well tested I assumed that it was not a bug but some kind of a feature.

In other words, is the function implemented but not defined intentionally to prevent people from using it for some unspecified reason?

Any insight would be appreciated.



Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
On Thu, 10 Nov 2005, Scott Finneran wrote:

I am trying to compile something under cygwin but am hitting a snag with
sigrelse(). I am running the latest binary downloaded by setup.exe.

Please see <> for instructions on reporting
your Cygwin version properly.  However...

It appears to be defined in winsup/cygwin/ (in CVS) but is not
declared in signal.h so of course the compile fails.

Is there any reason for this?

There were some changes in CVS since the last official Cygwin release.
Try installing a full snapshot from <> (make
sure to get the -inst tarball, which includes the headers).
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