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Re: non gui setup of cygwin possible?

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005, cygwin.20.maillinglist wrote:
You're missing the "B"... :-)

> I like to know if it is possible to setup cygwin from the command line.
> without any user interaction after the setup is started.

You're asking two separate questions here.

To answer the first one: no, there is no command-line-only tool to set up
Cygwin.  You'll have to use the graphical setup.exe application.

To answer the second one: setup.exe supports an unattended install mode,
where it installs everything in the Base category and upgrades installed
packages automatically.  You can even use a trick to install *any* set of
packages automatically -- see my recent reply about the Cygwin package
server.  I don't know if it's fully interactionless (i.e., there's that
"Installation complete" message box that may pop up at the very end), but
it should serve your needs.

> I will read replies only from the mailing list.
> If you send me email directly it will be deleted.

So set Reply-To:...
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