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RE: nfs problems

> I have a w2k box running cygwin and in particular the 
> nfs-server. Then I 
> have serge debian box with the standard stuff.
> It seems that nfs-server is not able to actually make available stuff 
> outside the cygwin root. Is this a hard fact or is there space for a 
> misconfiguration?
> in the w2k box I have installed cygwin under c:\Optional\cygwin and I 
> have used --change-cygdrive-prefix for changing the prefix to '/'.

Ouch.  OK.  I've tried nfs-server with this, and seen problems.  This
is probably related to the "Cannot export Windows directories not under
Cygwin root" issue documented in the nfs-server-2.3-3.README (which you
can find under /usr/share/doc/Cygwin.)  It's wrapped up in the fact that
the nfs-server has some problems handling cygwin mount points properly,
unless there's an actual directory that things are mounted on.

On way to export your c:\ and d:\ directories would be to follow the
workaround suggested in the README - create a new directory, mount c:/
at that directory, and then export the directory.  Since the mount is
on top of an existing directory, things work fine.

Another workaround that suffices for vanilla cygwin setups is to create
a '/cygdrive' directory.  This is enough to give nfs-server a real directory
to hang it's hat on, so to speak - in effect, all the local drives end up
mounted on top of an existing directory, so again things work fine, and
you can export any local disk under '/cygdrive' properly.

Unfortunately, in your case, while '/' already exists, and has a real
directory underneath it, it is also treated specially by nfs-server.
So you need to create a real '/c' directory that the nfs-server can
interact with.  You will have to do this via cmd.exe or Explorer, since
cygwin's mkdir already sees a directory in that location.  Once you do
this, you should be able to export '/c' via nfs.

I've tested all these configurations on my local machine, using an FC4
linux system to mount the exported directories.  Assuming you don't
have any other configuration issues, the last recommendation (creating
real '/c' and '/d' directories) should solve your export problem.


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