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Re: i686-pc-cygwin crash gcc-4.0 branch

Brian Dessent wrote:

> > /home/sherlock/gcc/o/gcc/xgcc -B/home/sherlock/gcc/o/gcc/
> > -B/usr/local/i686-pc-c
> > ygwin/bin/ -B/usr/local/i686-pc-cygwin/lib/ -isystem
> > /usr/local/i686-pc-cygwin/i
> > nclude -isystem /usr/local/i686-pc-cygwin/sys-include -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
> > -I. -I../.
> > ./../../gcc-4_0-branch/libstdc++-v3/libmath -I.. -O2 -g -O2 -c
> > ../../../../gcc-4
> > _0-branch/libstdc++-v3/libmath/signbit.c -o signbit.o
> > In file included from
> > ../../../../gcc-4_0-branch/libstdc++-v3/libmath/signbit.c:
> > 32:
> > ../../../../gcc-4_0-branch/libstdc++-v3/libmath/mathconf.h:167: error:
> > conflicti
> > ng types for 'ieee_double_shape_type'
> It looks like what is happening is BYTE_ORDER isn't getting defined
> correctly.  This is supposed to be taken care of by the sys/param.h
> header of the target, which Cygwin does provide correctly.  It looks
> like for some reason gcc isn't picking this up in your case.  Are you
> doing a native or a cross?  What configure options are you using?

This is caused by this change:
This modified include/endian.h to only conditionally define BYTE_ORDER
etc. if __USE_BSD is defined, whereas before in newlib's
they were defined unconditionally.

Thus if you build gcc with the 1.5.18 version of cygwin and its headers
you don't run into this, but if you try to use a snapshot that contains
this change you get the above error.


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