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RE: Old versions of setup.exe

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Peter A. Castro wrote:

> On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Dave Korn wrote:
> > Peter A. Castro wrote:
> >
> > > Unfortunately, the Cygwin Time Machine hasn't been archiving setup.exe
> > > (at least not consistently).  The top of /pub/cygwin/ always has the
> > > latest setup.exe (and setup.ini), but the Time Machine hasn't been
> > > archiving it because there's no automatic way to extract the version
> > > number from it.
> >
> >  Well, ...
> >
> > dk@espanola /tmp> strings setup.exe | grep setup-version | cut -d ' ' -f 3
> > 2.521
> > dk@espanola /tmp>
> Hmmm... that doesn't seem to work for me on linux.... :(
> And, it doesn't work for me on Cygwin either?!
> This is what I get:
> % strings -a w:/webserver/ftp/pub/cygwin/setup.exe | grep -i setup
>      name="RedHat.Cygwin.Setup"
> This is the latest setup.exe from the cygwin website too.  I'm at a loss
> as to why it works for you and not me.

Dave's running this command on a self-compiled version of setup.  The
setup on the Cygwin site is compressed with upx, which mangles all strings
(except the PE header).  So, one way to get version information into setup
is to use the "Version:" tag in the PE header (or whatever it's called),
but that will only work for the newest setup versions -- the older ones
will have the "unextractable version" problem.
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