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Re: opendir,readdir

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According to Fry, Chuck (GE Trans) on 11/8/2005 7:25 AM:
> I'm new to Cygwin, and I'm trying to port some applications that run under HPUX 10.20.
> When recompiling under Cygwin one of the applications won't link because the linker
> can't resolve getdirentries which is a HPUX function.  HP is obsolescing this function
> and recommends that you rewrite this function using opendir and readdir functions.

That is because opendir and readdir are specified by POSIX.

> My question is does Cygwin support these functions and if so  what library are they
> located in.  They don't show up in the man pages, but the do show up in the man pages
> on a pc running RedHat Linux.

The cygwin man pages are known to be incomplete.  The only portable way to
know for sure if a function is provided on a given platform is the method
that autoconf uses - try compiling an actual program that uses the
function and see if you get a link error (in this case, you won't, because
cygwin provides these two functions).  Less portably, you can download the
source code, and inspect winsup/cygwin/cygwin.din to see all functions
that are available in the standard link libraries (ie. you don't even need
a -l option to gcc).  Or grep the headers in /usr/include to see if it is

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