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Re: Error compiling mod_perl with apache-1.3.33-2 and perl-5.8.7-4 (was: Apache with mod_perl up and running)

Gerrit P. Haase wrote, on 11/4/2005 8:37 PM:

Nenad Antic wrote:

Sorry for starting a new thread, but I think I made a mistake. My original post disappeared, or rather never appeared among new threaded messages, since I continued on an existing old thread. Just hoping to get some help...

Could somebody help? I have tried following the suggestions from as well as other threads on this issue and also the instructions that come with mod_perl and apache. I do manage to get mod_perl compiled (following the receipe from Harald Joerg). But then it doesn't work when trying to start apache httpd.

Attached are (in addition to cygcheck.out) the strace logs for a httpd startup both with and without mod_perl (for comaprison).

The mod_perl INSTALL document has a note about how both Perl and Apache+mod_perl must be built using the same compiler, and since gcc seems to at some time have become something called "cygming special" (I used to build most of the stuff from source before so I didn't notice until now) I rebuilt perl from the cygwin source distribution to make sure that it was not because of this compiler issue. But that didn't help.

From what I can see there seems to be some problem (at least) after the fork is done. fixup_mmaps_after_fork doesn't seem to complete properly. What to do about it?

Any suggestions?

Please try ot run with a recent snapshot installed.



I tried "cygwin-inst-20051106.tar.bz2". Rebuilt apache and mod_perl. It didn't help. Same problem as before.

Is there any point in trying to rebuild perl as well?

BTW i think there is a bug in the snapshot in file /usr/include/sys/stdio.h, line 338. Had to change:

-ssize_t _EXFUN(__getline, (char **, size_t *, FILE *));
+ssize_t _EXFUN(__getline, (char **, size_t *, int, FILE *));

in order to be able to compile apache.

Don't know where to report this though.


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