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Re: where is setup.exe source?

On Sun, 6 Nov 2005, Linda Walsh wrote:

> Brian Dessent wrote:
> > This, however is going to be rather fruitless.
> > [snip]
>    Has "setup.exe" been modified to work from the local copy of the mirror
> list if the cygwin main site is down or unreachable (as recent or future
> network schisms might cause)?


> > <> should be trivial to process with
> > sed/awk/perl/etc.
> Another option might be to store in a local file, the last max download
> speed associated with a given server.

This is a good idea, considering that one reason to switch mirrors would
be slow connection speed.  This way the connection speed information could
be cached for the mirrors that were accessed already.  I don't think we
ought to use the last max download speed, but some averaged metric would
work.  Combined with the ability to re-ping selected mirrors (as I
proposed), this should be pretty useful.

> I don't know if there is anyway for cygwin to determine line speed other
> than by time it takes to download the servers file from,
> which may not be a reliable indicator of connection speed.

I think you meant "download setup.bz2 from the mirror"...

> Too bad the development environment _seems_ difficult to set up.
> [snip]
> ...or it might have been trying to setup to do a cross-development
> environment...

Yes, that's most likely it.  The setup sources rely on having the w32api
headers (which ought to be installable on Linux), but I'm not sure the
configury is smart enough to pick up a cross-compiler without heavy
coaching through command-line options.  I haven't tried to do a cross
build, however, so the above is just a conjecture.

OTOH, other options could be Wine or VMWare -- Cygwin should run under

The best way to improve Cygwin setup is to submit patches to it.  Every
little bit helps.  I hope you do get your environment into shape and start
contributing. :-)
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