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Re: where is setup.exe source?

Brian Dessent wrote:

This, however is going to be rather fruitless.  The list of mirrors is
already checked frequently (at least daily) by automatic infrastructure
on the machine, and any mirror that is offline or is more
than 24 hours out of sync is automatically removed from the mirrors.lst
file.  So barring a local connectivity problem, if it's in the
mirrors.lst file (which is the same data as presented
<>) then it's guaranteed to be fresh and

Has "setup.exe" been modified to work from the local copy of the mirror
list if the cygwin main site is down or unreachable (as recent or future network
schisms might cause)? Maybe an invocation option, or maybe a 4th option
on the download source page - "install from internet using locally cached servers
file (not recommended)."

Or at least export the list so that a seperate utility could be used to pick a server.

<> should be trivial to process with sed/awk/perl/etc.

Another option might be to store in a local file, the last max download
speed associated with a given server.  This could be used to give a user
feedback about a slow link or give an estimate of the time it is likely
to take to download a set of packages.  If the user knows they have a
connection faster than 10k/s, they might try a different server next
time.  I don't know if there is anyway for cygwin to determine line speed
other than by time it takes to download the servers file from,
which may not be a reliable indicator of connection speed.  Probably more
hassle than anyone wants to deal with.  Too bad the development environment
_seems_ difficult to set up.  I'm sure it's not for someone who has
done it, but any time I've tried it, I've always stumbled into some
missing header, include or build tools that was "assumed" knowledge that
"anyone" doing this type of development would know -- or it might have
been trying to setup to do a cross-development environment, since
my Windows box is fairly slow (mobile P-III) vs. my headless linux
box w/dual P-III's at same clock and about 50% faster memory and 2x as
much physical memory.

My hacking days are limited now with some permanent RSI issues left over
from some deliberate managerial abuse at my previous job.


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