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Re: where is setup.exe source?

Brian Dessent wrote:
Carl Karsten wrote:

What builds the setup.exe source?

Anyone who wants to. If you mean who compiles the setup.exe binaries

I meant what compiler is used. I am used to things like InnoSetup, so I was expecting something of that nature.

As to the location of the source, please read <>. Since you are the second person who has asked this in the last week I have to wonder if there is something about the website that's unclear. Is there any wording that could be made more clear to answer what I would hope would be a simple question of "where is the source"?

For me, it wasn't the wording, but the path from to and then the setup gives the option to dl package sources, but not the setup.exe source.

I am interested in an option to prob all the servers and disable the ones that are
currently off line.  Maybe even do a traceroute and sort by number of hops.

This, however is going to be rather fruitless.  The list of mirrors is
already checked frequently (at least daily) by automatic infrastructure
on the machine, and any mirror that is offline or is more
than 24 hours out of sync is automatically removed from the mirrors.lst
file.  So barring a local connectivity problem, if it's in the
mirrors.lst file (which is the same data as presented
<>) then it's guaranteed to be fresh and

I didn't realize it was retrieved at setup time. good idea ;)

I still think it would be usefully to have a way to evaluate which server to use. I did gentoo a few years ago, and it had something like that. I'll dig around and see if I can figure out how to make use of it.

Or at least export the list so that a seperate utility could be used to pick a server.

<> should be trivial to process with
sed/awk/perl/etc.;;North America;Michigan

Why isn't the "North America;Michigan" part displayed?


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