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Re: error while installing cygwin

Abhinav Varshney wrote:
I have been trying to install cygwin on my windows xp,
but while dowloading stuff from the website using
setup file it gives me an error saying "cygwin1.dll
not found" and then cygwin either doesnt work or
starts wid bash can i make it work?
Thanks in advance,

You're going to need to be allot more specific about
what the problem is before someone can help you.  Your
statements above are contradictory.  Cygwin's bash shell
will not start if 'cygwin1.dll' cannot be found and
'cygwin1.dll' will only not be found if you haven't
installed it, it's not in your path (which shouldn't
be a problem during installation), or possibly if
you're doing an upgrade rather than an install.  I
suggest you read and follow the problem reporting
guidelines at <> if
you're still having problems.  That might help folks
on this list start to chip away at the issue(s) you're

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