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Re: Windows 98 + OpenSSH + cygwin

David Di Biase wrote:

> Well I did notice an error, like I mentioned, that it couldn't setup
> the service. What I'm worried about is if there was any process it
> might have skipped after it returned the error. Although at the end it
> did say "Configuration success, enjoy" or something like that.

I tested ssh-host-config on 98 and didn't get any error messages.  The
script contains logic to detect if running under 98 and behaive
correctly.  If you do get an error, that is a bug.  Please report the
full output of the script as well as uname -a if it in fact is trying to
install a service under 98.  (Although it does add 22/tcp to
\windows\services, the /etc/services-like file, but this is a different
meaning of 'services' entirely.)

> Also would you happen to know how to add the daemon to the run string
> (which is the best way and how). Like I said I'm not used to the 98
> structure, it's as if I stepped into a world of wonder :p

The easiest way is probably just to add a shortcut to sshd.exe to the
Startup folder.  You can try this though:

regtool set '\HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\sshd'
`cygpath -w /usr/sbin/sshd`


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