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Re: Re: Windows 98 + OpenSSH + cygwin

> Since 98 has no concept of a service or users you start sshd in the
> normal way.  After running ssh-host-config you should be able to just
> run /usr/sbin/sshd from a prompt - it will daemonize itself, you
> shouldn't have to use "&" or nohup etc.  That's pretty much it.  If you
> want it to automatically start you'll have to add it to the registry
> autorun key or to the startup group, or something along those lines.

Sounds like a plan.

> If you want to use password authentication you'll need to use the
> 'crypt' utility to set the second field in /etc/passwd to the desired
> hash.  Public-key auth should work the same as a normal NT or *nix
> system.

Naw, this is a closed network I doubt anyone would want to (or be able
to) get in. Plus I can always do that in the future.

> I have to say though that sshd with win98 is probably not extensively
> tested, so I wouldn't be surprised if you run into some issues.  Though
> it might work fine.  Security-wise though it's kind of like adding a
> deadbolt to a door made out of thin balsa wood.

Well I did notice an error, like I mentioned, that it couldn't setup
the service. What I'm worried about is if there was any process it
might have skipped after it returned the error. Although at the end it
did say "Configuration success, enjoy" or something like that.

Also would you happen to know how to add the daemon to the run string
(which is the best way and how). Like I said I'm not used to the 98
structure, it's as if I stepped into a world of wonder :p


David Di Biase
Spyral Productions Inc.

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