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Re: Cygwin setup doesn't resume failed downloads

On Sat, 5 Nov 2005, peterl2002se wrote:

> Hello,
> When trying to download the packages from, in my case, I
> get often a ftp connection error. It could be that is
> limited on the number of concurrently conneced anonmous ftp users.
> The progress downloads several packages, then says connecting and stops.
> At that time I can connect with a parallel ftp client so it doesn't look
> like it is retrying.
> After a long time I get back to mirror select dialog. Selecting same
> mirror doesn't work, but any other works.
> Setup 2.510.2.2 (Install from Internet)

At a guess, you're seeing the problem I addressed in CVS recently.  It's
not that the setup you're using doesn't reconnect after an error, it's
that it won't reconnect to a timed-out FTP server, period.

Please try the setup snapshot at
<>, and post
back with results.
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