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Re: Missing directories in @INC with perl 5.8.7 and cygwin 1.5.18-1 wrote:


If PERL5LIB is set, perl searches for according version directories and
architecture specific directories.
If they are present they will be included in the @INC array.

Now I am faced with the problem that with perl 5.8.7 this does not work anymore!

There is a new feature in perl, if there is a the script
$Config{siteperl}/ present it will be executed. See how to disable it or how it may help you until an update of perl with a
workaround is released, from perlrun.pod:


Disable executing $Config{siteperl}/ at startup.

Perl can be built so that it by default will try to execute $Config{siteperl}/ at startup. This is a hook that allows the sysadmin to customize how perl behaves. It can for instance be used to add entries to the @INC array to make perl find modules in non-standard locations.

Maybe this feature is also the reason that it behaves different from previous releases.


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