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Re: cygwin emacs: broken key mappings (still?)

On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, Robert V Sasseen wrote:

> I'm having a problem with Emacs under Cygwin bash that's been reported
> before but as far as I can tell never been resolved.
> See, e.g.,
> The problem is with keys such as c-@ (set-mark-command) not having the proper
> effect. In my case, c-@ has no apparent effect on setting the mark, even
> though m-X describe bindings says it's bound to set-mark-command, and even
> though I can do m-X set-mark-command and it sets the mark properly. The
> keystroke has no apparent affect at all; it's as though it's getting
> intercepted and filtered out along the way.
> (I set CYGWIN=tty to resolve the (different) c-C problem discussed in the
> archives, but the c-@ problem is unaffected by this setting.)

I think the Ctrl-Space (^@) character is not recognized by the CMD window
(a.k.a. plain bash window) and not passed to the program running in that
window.  Thus, it may be impossible to capture/use that key.  If you
insist on using the "plain bash window", you might consider remapping the
function to another key combo.

> Most of the suggested fixes have been of the "don't do that"
> variety--use XEmacs or NTEmacs instead of the Emacs that ships with
> Cygwin, or use rxvt or an xterm in place of Cygwin bash (the latter two
> ideas both requiring one to run X Windows, I believe).

Not true for rxvt.  It can (and will by default) run in Windows native

> I just installed the latest Cygwin so I'm running GNU bash version
> 3.00.16(11) and GNU Emacs 21.2.1. It's running on a new Compaq PC
> running Windows XP Media Center Edition.

That's not how useful Cygwin installation information is reported.  Please
review and follow <> if you have further
questions (though in this case using rxvt might be the solution you are
looking for).

> Like those earlier posters with this problem, I'm not too sophisticated
> about Emacs, terminals, and the like. But I'd like to truly solve this
> and I'll try anyone's diagnostic suggestions.

XEmacs also comes with Cygwin, and I've heard good things about it from
people who actually use emacs (I'm a vi person myself).
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