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cygwin emacs: broken key mappings (still?)

I'm having a problem with Emacs under Cygwin bash that's been reported before but as far as I can tell never been resolved.
See, e.g.,

The problem is with keys such as c-@ (set-mark-command) not having the proper effect. In my case, c-@ has no apparent effect on setting the mark, even though m-X describe bindings says it's bound to set-mark-command, and even though I can do m-X set-mark-command and it sets the mark properly. The keystroke has no apparent affect at all; it's as though it's getting intercepted and filtered out along the way.
(I set CYGWIN=tty to resolve the (different) c-C problem discussed in the archives, but the c-@ problem is unaffected by this setting.)

Most of the suggested fixes have been of the "don't do that" variety--use XEmacs or NTEmacs instead of the Emacs that ships with Cygwin, or use rxvt or an xterm in place of Cygwin bash (the latter two ideas both requiring one to run X Windows, I believe).

I just installed the latest Cygwin so I'm running GNU bash version 3.00.16(11) and GNU Emacs 21.2.1. It's running on a new Compaq PC running Windows XP Media Center Edition.

Like those earlier posters with this problem, I'm not too sophisticated about Emacs, terminals, and the like. But I'd like to truly solve this and I'll try anyone's diagnostic suggestions.

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