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Re: RXVT blurry fonts

Justin Grote wrote:

> I've been getting my rxvt to look just like putty for aesthetic reasons,
> and so far I've gotten everything similar except the bold fonts. In
> putty, the bolded version of the font I use (either Lucida Console or
> Terminal) is simply a brighter-colored version of the original, and
> pixel placement is the exact same, however in rxvt, the bolded font is
> larger and blurry (possibly antialiased). How do I set the rxvt bold
> font to match the putty bold font?

I believe that by default rxvt tries to simulate bold by painting a
normal font twice, offset the second time by one pixel.  This is
obviously meant for rastar/bitmap fonts and will cause havoc with
truetype fonts that are antialiased.  If you want the 'bold' attribute
to just affect a color change and not a font change, then you need to
specify with -fb or rxvt*boldFont that the bold font face name is the
same as the normal font face name, "Lucida Console-13" in your case. 
Since the Lucida Console font itself also has a bold variant, you can
try specifying that (as "Lucida Console Bold-13" perhaps?) instead so
that the Truetype rasterizer itself does the bolding instead of rxvt
faking it, which should result in a bold effect that doesn't look so


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