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Re: 1.5.18+ resource leak?

On Nov  4 08:42, Brian Ford wrote:
> I have performed the following operation many times over the past few
> months, and every time have eventually hung the machine in some form.
> The hang mainfests itself in different ways on different machines and with
> different Cygwin DLL versions (1.5.18 and various snapshots).  Here is one
> example of the hang:
> In an xterm under Xwin -multiwindow on a dual-core dual-processor AMD
> Opteron I execute (all machines tested have been dual-core, but not
> necessarily dual-processor):
> ssh user@solaris_machine 'cd some_directory && tar cf -
> some_other_directory' | tar xvf -
> These are large copies of several hundred megabytes.  Here was the result:
> tar some_file_path: Cannot write: Permission denied
> 4 [main] -bash 2304 fork_copy: user/cygwin data pass 2 failed,
> 0x610000..0x627000, done 0, windows pid 3132, Win 32 error 1450

I've just copied 21 Gigs from a Linux box to a WIndows box using the
exact same ssh|tar as you did.  There's nothing pointing to any kind of
memory or handle leak while doing that and the operation terminated

Are you by any chance starting the X server from a service or something?
Maybe that's a problem induced by the heap allocation as Chris has 
already noted in a few threads.  Er... lemme see...;en-us;824422


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