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RE: 1.5.18+ resource leak?

Brian Ford wrote:

> ssh user@solaris_machine 'cd some_directory && tar cf -
> some_other_directory' | tar xvf -
> These are large copies of several hundred megabytes.  Here was the result:
> tar some_file_path: Cannot write: Permission denied
> 4 [main] -bash 2304 fork_copy: user/cygwin data pass 2 failed,
> 0x610000..0x627000, done 0, windows pid 3132, Win 32 error 1450
> The only other operation running on the machine at the time was an ftp in
> another xterm window of a several hundred megabyte file.  It died with
> simply a permission denied error.
> At this point, the machine is still responsive, but trying to do anything
> with any Cygwin process gives a similar error.  I've looked at the various
> resources, memory, handles, threads, etc. in the task manager and nothing
> looks unusually high.
> Does anyone have a guess as to what resource I may be lacking (that
> presumably some Cygwin process leaked)?

  PTEs?  Kernel paged pool?;en-us;304101

both suggest using perfmon to monitor the kernel paged-pool size.  Try running
poolmon?  Try editing the HKLM\System\CCS\Control\Session Manager\Memory
Management keys (see 2nd url above) ?

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