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Re: BUG: Binutils strip corrupts dll files when using cygwin 1.5.18 and latest snapshot (20051103)

On Nov  4 05:43, Eric Blake wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> According to Christopher Faylor on 11/3/2005 6:51 PM:
> > 
> > This is not a bug.  You can't strip the DLL as it is already stripped
> > as much as possible.  The debugging information is now in a different
> > file.
> Then I would argue that strip should be a no-op and leave the size of
> cygwin1.dll unchanged, rather than stripping out whatever was essential
> that made the dll invalid.  It is not a bug in your philosophy of shipping
> cygwin1.dll already stripped, but it IS annoying that binutils can't
> recognize that fact and instead corrupts the file.

The problem is that there's one section in the file, .gnu_debuglink,
which is defined as a debugging section.  strip's job is to remove all
debug sections.  This is usually a simple job to do since the debug
sections are typically at the end of the file anyway.  Not so the
.gnu_debuglink section.  By stripping this out, strip generates an
invalid PE/COFF file since it leaves an undefined memory hole in the
address space of the file, which is a no-no with the somewhat overly
simple Windows runtime loader.

It's an unlucky case.  You could argue that strip should know better
than to remove debug sections from the middle of a PE/COFF file but
OTOH the Cygwin DLL is a very special case.


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