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Re: WINE on Cygwin

On 11/3/05, Alexander Gottwald <> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-11-03 at 16:36 +0000, Andy Moreton wrote:
> > > Sometimes it's useful to have a separation between the program and
> > > windows. You could trace all registry or file access of a program. Wine
> > > would be useful for remote program usage since it exports the display
> > > via X11.
> >
> > This still sounds fairly pointless. the tools from allow
> > you to monitor all file and registry access from an application. A VNC
> > client will solve your remote operation needs.
> >
> > So what is the real reason for wanting to do something so perverse ?
> Because it can be done!
> VNC is slow, there is no integration with the local desktop. You can't
> work without interfering with the local desktop. Using wine just to
> redirect the graphic display is overkill but unfortunatly the most
> promising solution.
> Separation is yet another reason.

Not only is VNC slow, but VNC only lets one user log on and run
graphical programs at a time on Windows. It is possible to have
multiple simultaneous Remote Desktop sessions, but only with Windows
Terminal Server, which is expensive and pay-per-license (you need a
license for each login "slot"), and only runs on Windows Server
operating systems, which are also expensive. It would be very, very
nice to be able to run graphical Windows programs remotely using ssh

Does anyone know if there any other way to do this, besides with Wine?
(Perhaps something more native?)


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