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Re: WINE on Cygwin

Informações wrote:

Hey All,

I'm seriously interested in making the WINESERVER work under Cygwin and have been invistigating some of the issues related to this matter. One of the WineHQ developers informed me that:

"... the last time someone tried, the main obstacle was that cygwin doesn't support sendmsg() to send file descriptors across processes, which means that the wine server cannot work. This in turn means you cannot run kernel32 or user32. "

Some further invistigation shows that this is an old issue that has arisen several times during the course of the Cygwin history. Does anybody has any clue on the status of this issue ? Could anyone provide me some useful information that I could take as an starting point for this implementation ?

Any other comments regarding the bulding/execution of the Wine under Cygwin would be very welcome.


I guess I don't see the point. Isn't Wine an emulator for running Windows apps on Unix/Linux? If so then why would you need it under Cygwin as Cygwin already runs on Windows so if your want to run a Windows apps, well then just run the Windows app!
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