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Re: cygcheck improvements

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> What other kind of common things could cygcheck be testing for?

I was thinking that instead of just reporting the current value of
$PATH, it would be handy to also report on the Windows/Registry value of
$PATH.  That way, you can tell if Cygwin is being added to the path in
cygwin.bat or if the person actually added it to their Windows
environment.  I forget exactly why this came up but I remember thinking
it would have been useful more than once when trying to help someone.

I guess it could also explicitly check /etc/passwd and /etc/group, even
though at the moment you can sort of tell if this has been done by
looking at the output of 'id'.

The "pending file replacements" idea is a good one too, as is the
"incomplete postinstall script" idea.  I'm not sure if the "SYSTEM user
has mounts" issue would come up enough to warrant checking for it,
because I can't really think of how that would come to happen.  It might
be good to check if /usr/bin is a user mount and there are services,
then print a warning.  This is something that you can determine by
looking at the output already but having it as an explicit warning makes
it more clear, especially for the user who isn't aware of the problem.


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