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RE: can not find valid cygwin path

From: "Dave Korn" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: can not find valid cygwin path
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 17:16:28 -0000

lin q wrote:
> Hi,
>    I have the latest cygwin installed on WinXP SP1. It works fine in
> general until I try to run some program today.
>   It is really weired, the program requiring setting up some environment
> viriables, I guess iniside its code it tries to find some data based on
> that variable setting. Anyway, I do it something like this in my script,
> export PROG_ENV=/cygdrive/c/prog
> export PATH=$PROG_ENV/bin/nt:$PATH
> echo $PATH
> $PROG_ENV/bin/nt/prog.exe

  Woops.  That's wrong already.  $PROG_ENV should have been expanded in
"export PATH=" command, so "echo $PATH" should not show "$PROG_ENV/.." but
"/cygdrive/c/prog/bin/nt....", as below:

dk@espanola ~> echo $PATH
dk@espanola ~> cat
export PROG_ENV=/cygdrive/c/prog
export PATH=$PROG_ENV/bin/nt:$PATH
echo $PATH

dk@espanola ~> .
dk@espanola ~>

What shell are you using?


I do not quite get what you are saying and your example, I am using BASH which the default cygwin shell.

In your example you can see that "/cygdrive/c/prog/bin/nt" is the first element in $PATH, that is what we want; "$PROG_ENV/bin/nt/prog.exe" is expanded to "/cygdrive/c/prog/bin/nt/prog.exe" correctly.

These are all as expected, the problem is why the correct path can not be taken.

Do I miss anything?

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