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1.5.18: couldn't allocate cygwin heap, Win32 error 487 (and I've already done rebaseall)

Hello all. I've seen quite a few messages in the archives along these
lines but have been unable to make the problem stop.

I CAN start a bash shell with no difficulty. And I can start a pdksh
shell within the bash shell with no difficulty. But when I try to make
my application I end up with this message (although occasionally I get a
Win32 error 87 instead of the 487):


C:\cygwin\bin\pdksh.exe (8028): *** couldn't allocate cygwin heap, Win32
error 487, base 0x480000, top 0x4AD000, reserve_size 184320, allocsize
184320, page_const 4096

5 [main] pdksh 6976 fork_parent: child 8028 died waiting for longjmp
before initialization

rox_pwd: C:/mgc/embedded/bridgepoint/mc3020/bin/rox_init_node[74]:
cannot fork - try again


I HAVE successfully accomplished a rebaseall from within an ash shell,
so that's not it.

I have attached my cygcheck output.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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