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can not find valid cygwin path

I have the latest cygwin installed on WinXP SP1. It works fine in general until I try to run some program today.

It is really weired, the program requiring setting up some environment viriables, I guess iniside its code it tries to find some data based on that variable setting. Anyway, I do it something like this in my script,

export PROG_ENV=/cygdrive/c/prog
export PATH=$PROG_ENV/bin/nt:$PATH

echo $PATH

Then I source this script in cygwin, but I get such error,

The PROG_ENV directory "/cygdrive/c/prog" does not exist.
The PROG_ENV environment variable does not point to any directories. Current setting is PROG_ENV="/cygdrive/c/prog".

But if I `ls $PROG_ENV`, the directory is there! And `cd $PROG_ENV` works also.

I wonder why the valid cygwin can not be taken.

Another thing I find is if I change the BASH script to DOS script and run it directly from dos, then everything is ok, namingly here is the DOS scipt,

set PROG_ENV=c:\prog
set PATH=%PROG_ENV%\bin\nt;%PATH%


Any suggestion?

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