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Re: Hang with 20051018 (3rd version) snapshot while building OOo

On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 03:45:30PM -0400, Volker Quetschke wrote:
>Testing my favorite testcase takes a while, especially if I'm still
>not able to reproduce on one of my systems. This is for the third
>version of yesterdays snapshot (20051018) .
>Basically we still see the same problem as in
> <>.
>The build hangs in a tcsh like this:
>      220       1     220        220  con 11290 08:29:27 /usr/bin/bash
>      752     220     752        268  con 11290 08:29:32 /usr/bin/tcsh
>     1236     752    1236       2040  con 11290 08:29:52 /usr/bin/perl
>     2228    1236    1236       3740  con 11290 12:05:48 /cygdrive/e/work/OOo/SRC680/solenv/wntmsci10/bin/dmake
>     3676    2228    1236       2828  con 11290 12:05:48 /usr/bin/tcsh
>     3980    3676    1236       3980  con 11290 12:05:48 /usr/bin/tcsh
>     1696       1    1696       1696  con 11290 12:30:42 /usr/bin/bash
>I    2396       1    2396       2396  con 11290 12:30:45 /usr/bin/bash
>     3560    1696    3560       2668  con 11290 12:30:54 /usr/bin/tcsh
>     3748    3560    3748       2292  con 11290 12:31:30 /usr/bin/ps
>And by attaching strace to the hung pid and using "ls /proc/*/fd"
>the attached (behind the cygcheck.log) strace was created.

Given the number of changes that have been made to cygwin, particularly
in /proc handling, it's very difficult for me to believe that you are
not seeing *any* differences in behavior and I'm wondering if you're
actually seeing what you think you're seeing, i.e., I'm wondering if the
process is just timing out and you are attributing it coming "unstuck"
to the fact that you're doing "ls /proc/*/fd".  I can't see any reason
why inspecting /proc should cause any kind of special behavior in the
latest snapshots since /proc handling now occurs in its own thread.

I could almost convince myself that there was a race in /proc handling
before but I could never convince myself that doing something like "ls /proc/*/fd"
would have any effect on it.  Nevertheless, I did make some changes to
eliminate the potential source of hangs in this code.  So, I can't
understand why you wouldn't see something different.


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