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Re: Tasking not implemented on this configuration

I posted this question for the same reason you did. The answer was no task support for Ada run-time support.

If you only want to use Ada compiler with run-time support, without cygwin's capabilities at all, I strongly suggest that you download the GNAT GPL Edition for free at site. By the way, this compiler can handle lots of Ada 2005 syntax.

If you need both Ada compiler with run-time support and cygwin, do the following.
1. Download GNAT compiler from gcc-3.4.4 from Note, you need to ada and core components.
2. Download two other components, w32api and Ming runtime, from this site.
3. Unzip them in cygwin installed directory. Remember to keep the directory structure intact when Unzipping. In addition, select over all when prompted by WinZip.

You are ready to go. Let me know how it turns out. Good luck.


>>> Craig Sorensen <> 9/27/2005 7:54:05 AM >>>
I am trying to run an Ada program, but I keep getting this message "failed 
run-time assertion : Tasking not implemented on this configuration". I 
found the same question on the message board back on 4/20/04, buy there 
was not a reply. I am running on Windows XP like the guy who asked the 
same question in 2004. How can I get cygwin to allow tasking on my Ada 

Thank you,

Craig Sorensen

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