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Cygstart fails with MDB file

I'm not sure exactly when it started doing this, but it's been going
on for at least a week or two now, and I've only now gotten to test it
a bit further.

If I use cygstart to bring up an mdb file, it comes up with the
"Access 97" Logo(this machine, running Windows XP, has Office 97
installed on it, and no other Office versions)covered by a dialog box
that says "Disk or Network error".  After I close that, it comes up
with an ancient-looking gray dialog box that says:

Microsoft Access

A system error occurred, or there isn't enough free memory to start
Microsoft Access.
Close unneeded programs and try again.

Clicking "OK" on that closes down Access.

Today I decided to run it under strace.  And if I do, it works
properly, bringing up Microsoft Access 97 without any trouble

I should also note that running cygstart on a DOC file brings up Word
97 without any trouble.  Access 97 works fine for me apart from this.

Cygcheck output is attached.  I'm using the latest snapshot, but it's
been failing for a while before that.  I haven't tried rolling back to
1.5.18 or anything like that.

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