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Re: Bash 3.00.16(7), paste-from-clipboard binding reset after command execution

>>On Sun, 10 Jul 2005, Kirill Yarosh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have following line in my .inputrc:
>> "\C-v": paste-from-clipboard
>> When the bash starts ^V binded to quoted-insert.
>> $ bind -p | grep '"\\C-v'
>> "\C-v": quoted-insert
>> When I force bash to re-read-init-file with
>> ^V bounded to paste-from-clipboard but until
"Return" keyboard
>> key will pressed( until next command ).
>> After execution of new command the binding returns
to quoted-insert.
>> Is it sane behavior ?
>No, this is almost certainly not sane behavior.  See
if your .inputrc is
>overridden somewhere (can be done by "bind" commands
in any bash script).
>Other than that, you'll need to debug this further
>	Igor


I am seeing the same problem. I had a working cygwin
installation. I downloaded a new package which
wouldn't work with the existing bash shell. So, I
updated the core libraries/bash and Control-V - mapped
to "paste-from-clipboard" in my .inputrc stopped
working. "bind -p" now shows \C-v is mapped to Quoted
bind -f ~/.inputrc doesn't work either :(

Please help.

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