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RE: ssh ceased to work after recreation of /etc/passwd

> >  chown: changing ownership of ....: Permission denied
> >
> >This seems to be related to another a problem I am discussing here in
> >the thread 
> >with subject line "chmod suddenly ceased to work on old files - NEW
> >chown seems to fail exactly for those files where I also have no
> >permission to
> >do a chmod.
> Yeah, that's certainly going to be a problem. You need to fix 
> this before
> you'll have much luck with permissions in general.  Maybe you 
> just need to 
> use Windows to take ownership of all these files.

I have included two screenshots, which I got by using Windows Explorer
on the file properties, and then digging deep into the extended
The first screenshot, Capture-1.jpg, shows properties of file x which
has the "permission" problem, while screenshot Capture-2.jpg shows file
where everything works fine. Have a look at the two lines at the
bottom. The bottommost line translates to "change ownership" and the
line above means "change permissions". In the properties box for file
x, these two checkboxes were unchecked, so I checked them and - voila!
- chmod and chown work!

Now having identified the problem, I'm wondering whether there is a way
to do this recursively for all files, because it is not feasible to
click through every single file. I understand that this is not a
but a Windows question; but in case someone knows how to do it, I would
grateful for a (maybe off-list) message...

Thank you for all the suggestions. I did not know before that the
Windows security system was so intricate....


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