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> Firstly I apologize for emailing you directly, I am not familiar with
> posting to cygwin and couldn't see any other way to get in touch.

No problem, but the approved method is to send your query to cygwin a 
cygwin d com, with "screen" in the subject.  I should normally see that, 
and then other cygwin readers will also benefit from the discussion.

> I am just trying to get hold of your screen build that you posted.
> It seems to not be available any more via

OK.  I later changed the version number from 1 to 0test1, so the URLs for 
download are now 
> I have been using it on a few pc's and would like to install it on
> another but have stupidly deleted the package.
> BTW it seems to work very well for me once I switched to a snapshot dll.
> I Can detach,re-attach with no problems (all pc's running xp sp2)

Yes, the reattachment problem is now solved AFAICT, using Cygwin 1.5.17 or 
later.  Most of it works just fine, but there's one problem that I haven't 
solved yet:  when you detach a session, it stays bound to its parent 
shell.  So if you then try to exit the parent shell, it hangs.  You can 
terminate the parent shell, but then screen exits too.  Obviously this 
takes away one of the big advantages of screen, which is the ability to 
detach a session, leaving it running in the background, and then reattach 
later from a different terminal.

I've gotten some hints about how to attack this problem, but I just 
haven't been able to spend any time on it yet.  It's high on my to-do 
list.  Screen is great, and if I can solve that one problem it will be 
ready for Cygwin.

There are also a few terminal oddities and intermittent display problems. 
But these are minor, so I don't think I'll wait for them to release the 
package.  At least, I can put it into testing so people can try it out 
while I work on resolving the other problems.

> Thanks
> - Shaun

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