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RE: Unicode in filenames support? (FAQ update needed)

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> But releasing something to the public domain doesn't help
> Cygwin. [...] The problem is that you still have to verify
> that the sources are truly public domain and how do you do
> that without getting a disclaimer from a person's employer?
> I truly hate all of this assignment stuff that is required for
> contributions to FSF programs and Cygwin.  I think it's time
> for someone to come up with an online way to do this.

My employer authorized the release into the public domain,
making the code explicitly not protected by copyright. The
lawyer-types don't trust the assignments though, so online
forms therefore wouldn't help anyway. If a disclaimer is
all that you want, I'm sure you/I can get it. In fact, as
long as they know about the uncopyrighted code and don't
do anything about it, they've given up rights to it. Of


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