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RE: passwd & group file problems ?

----Original Message----
>From: Roy Wiseman
>Sent: 09 June 2005 19:40

> i'm sorry, it was completely unintentional. really did
> not mean to do that, I pressed reply-all by mistake i
> think, i did go to the acronym page and read it and
> noted it, so I did not mean to do that.

  And then you go and IMMEDIATELY do it YET AGAIN.  This has now become
OFFENSIVE of you; you come across as if you aren't paying the slightest bit
of attention to what you're doing or what anyone is saying.

> --- Dave Korn <dave.korn GET A CLUE artimi HOW MANY TIMES com> wrote:

  DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POST, because you're clearly not in control of your
own actions and you'll only go and get me spammed again.  You can solve your
own problems as far as I'm concerned, there's really not a lot of point
offering advice to people who aren't going to bother actually reading what I

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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