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Re: Serious performance problems (malloc related?)

> Any favorable mention of SFU on this list had better
> be a joke. :-)


but can't deny the truth. Seriously, open source on
windows can't do better than what it does(upto the
limits provided by OS) in terms of efficiency. Its
hardly at fault, the thing below it is so darn closed.
Everything on linux is so optimized for exactly the
opposite reason. One reason why I left SFU and became
cygwin was that its closed and I don't know nothing
about what's going on inside. I can even build my own
cygwin1.dll if packaged one lacks a feature because
its not POSIX. Execution speed is one aspect and being
able to build your favourite pkgs easily is another. I
can run something faster only if I can build it...:)

PS: just to give people here a taste of speed
machine 1: 533Mhz, 10GB 5400rpm disk, 384MB RAM, SFU
on W2K, -> build time for texinfo = 345 seconds.
machine 2: 2400Mhz, 100GB 7200rpm disk, 768MB RAM,
cygwin 1.5.17 on WinXP, -> build time for texinfo =
334 seconds.

build repeated twice to take the caching out of
picture. Please don't bash me, its just a harsh
reality of the closed source. I have chosen cygwin
anyway, so it doesn't matter.

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