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Re: permissions and user data backups

At 02:36 PM 5/31/2005, you wrote:
>I'm trying to set up automated rsync backups, but I'm running into some problems.  When I manually run my rsync script as Administrator, opening some user folders gives "permission denied."  Is there a way to create a "root/SYSTEM" like user?  or alternatively, how would I go about acheiving the desired effect?  Would I have to install cron as SYSTEM instead of a user with administrative privileges?  If possible, I would like to find a solution that doesn't involve fiddling with ACL's or the permissions of the files in question.  Many thanks in advance for your help.


># --- /etc/group ---


Creating a 'root' group doesn't endow anything that has this group with 
any special privileges above and beyond 'Administrator'.  So I'm not sure
what you're trying to accomplish here.  Actually, that's true in general.  
You really haven't described in any detail what you're attempting to do and
how you're going about doing it.  You refer to 'cron' and 'rsync' and 
automated backups, as well as "permission denied" errors you get on some 
folders, but you haven't told us anything about the folders and what you're 
actually invoking to get these errors.  Nor do we know the permissions (rwx and ACL) on these folders.  If I had to guess, I'd say they are probably
owned by SYSTEM and not Administrator, which would be at least one reason 
why you would see such an error.  I can't imagine any magic would allow a 
user access to a file when none exists though so beyond adding the 
permissions needed to the files/folders in question, any other solution 
would be a bug.

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