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On Tue, 31 May 2005, Dave Korn wrote:

> ----Original Message----
> >From: Igor Pechtchanski
> >Sent: 31 May 2005 18:44
> > Quoting from the bottom of the OLOCA:
>   Maybe you should move that bit up to the top?

I doubt it matters where it is.  That's the only place on the page that
says to send suggestions to the main Cygwin list.  The words *on one of
the Cygwin lists* are *in the same sentense*.  That should suffice, no?

>   And perhaps you should make the "*on one of the Cygwin lists*" text a
> bit bigger and more eye-catching.
>   Like about 36 miles on a side and bright pink and flashing, for
> instance.

I'll leave that to script kiddies.  A couple more inquiries like that,
though, and I'll consider making that bit bold...
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