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Re: Serious performance problems (malloc related?)

[Last post.  I've done my time in windows, and am going back to a
 world where the software works and people are helpful.]

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> I don't think there is much to be gained by reiterating that you have a
> large user base who is impacted by this.  We're not a technical support
> organization here.
> [...]
> Again, if a company is basing their day-to-day operations on something
> like cygwin and they are experiencing problems with cygwin, it does not
> make a lot of sense to me to rely on random email tech support for
> same.

FlightGear is a free software flight simulator (which you would know
if you clicked on the link I sent -- clicking on links is even easier
than running the sample code).  The users I'm referring to are
primarily aircraft and scenery designers on windows who need an easy
way to build current code from source.  I never said they were a large
user base -- at any given time we have perhaps five or six cygwin
folks actively contributing.  But they have a real problem: FlightGear
takes far longer to startup for them than it does for most of the
engine developers.  They certainly aren't about to buy a support
contract, and asking them to as a prerequisite to providing any help
at all is, well, unkind.

In my entire career in the open source world, you are the least
helpful developer I have ever encountered.  In your six messages in
this thread, you have provided nothing even remotely approximating
assistance.  Honestly, I'm not sure I even believe that you tried the
sample code against both cygwin and mingw; a rational developer who
cares about his own work would normally be concerned at a test case
showing 1500% overhead in a real world task like parsing a large input

At FlightGear, when we get bug reports, we usually try fix them.
Please stop by on  You might learn
some new techniques that would help you with your career development.

Are there any other Cygwin developers on the list that can help, or
have they all been chased away?


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