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Re: Serious performance problems (malloc related?)

On Sat, May 28, 2005 at 01:24:31PM +0200, Vaclav Haisman wrote:
>I have similar problem with CPU bound program of mine on Cygwin too.
>The difference is something like 35 minutes versus 400 seconds on the
>same machine but under FreeBSD.

Yep.  This is pretty much what I expected.  Now we'll see a stream of
people commenting on slowness and speculating on the cause without
spending any time to actually figure out what the cause might be.

>Somebody mentioned that malloc implementation could be the problem.
>Dunno.  I has also crossed my mind that another difference between
>FreeBSD and Cygwin is implementation of C++ exceptions.  Maybe the SJLJ
>implementation that Cygwin AFAIK uses has too big overhead.
>PS: I think that cgf should really try to improve his PR skills.

"PR"?  I am not really interested in public relations.  If you don't
like the way I communicate, just delete my email.  It's pretty simple.

I'm also not interested in being tech support for a commercial
enterprise which has a large user base who needs urgent help with a
"serious problem".

But, the nice thing about free software is that it doesn't matter what
I want.  Anyone here can help.  I'm just one person.  I'm certainly not
going to stop anyone who wants to dig in.

Asserting that people can back up unsubstantiated surmises by building
the software and actually verifying for themselves is one of the basic
advantages of free software.  As painful as it is for most people,
if there is an issue that bothers you about cygwin, you really can take
some time to look into it yourself rather than relying on the random
kindness of strangers.

Think of what a hero you'll be if you figure out a way to improve
cygwin's "slowness".

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