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Re: Serious performance problems (malloc related?)

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Gee, I'm sorry you thought I was being "snippy".  You apparently
> missed that I was just providing you with some obvious advice.

Indeed.  To paraphrase: "Fix it yourself, not my problem."

> It seems like if this was a really serious problem you'd be actively
> working towards solving it rather than sending out email and hoping
> to get lucky.

You mean, like the several hours it took to get from "FlightGear
startup is slow" (on a platform I don't use) to the freakishly obvious
sample code I sent you that you didn't even bother to try?

The saddest part of all of this was when I actually did go to the CVS
to look at the malloc synchronization and discovered that *YOU* are
the author.  So much for getting this fixed any time soon.  Not my
platform, not my problem.

Someday, you might actually care about why cygwin is so much slower
than linux (or windows, or mingw) on the same hardware.  When you do,
you know where to find your test case.  Maybe there are some other
developers around that might want to help.

Again, just in case you aren't clear or if someone else wants to
inject some sanity into the conversation: Cygwin is SLOW AS MOLASSES
(literally: fifteen times slower than mingw or glibc) when doing
obscure tasks like reading lines, splitting them into fields, and
allocating memory to hold the strings.

This is probably also why Cygwin is so much slower than linux or mingw
at so many other tasks.  That you don't think this is a problem is
just beyond me.

Thanks for, well, nothing,

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