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Re: cygcheck/strace results in Program Error post-cygwin-1.5.17-1 installation

On Fri, 27 May 2005, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > Perhaps setup should offer to reboot for you, instead of popping up a
> > dialog saying "in-use files were replaced"...  Then the act of not
> > rebooting will require clicking "No, I'll reboot later", or something.
> > As much as I hate this feature of Windows installers, it is, perhaps,
> > the right approach in this situation.
> I too really hate installers that make you try to reboot.

Heh.  Interesting turn of phrase.  Perhaps you meant "installers that try
to make you reboot"? :-)

In any case, if a bail-out option is available, it might be considered a
necessary evil.  Opinions?

> > Setup could also prompt the user to stop the processes before
> > replacing in-use files, instead of scheduling their replacement
> > on-reboot.  I've been meaning to look into it for a while -- perhaps
> > one of those days I'll get a tuit (round or otherwise).
> This I think is a good idea.  If setup at least was able to determine if
> services or other running programs were open before beginning, it could
> offer a page saying, "Stop these processes or else you will probably
> have to reboot.  Continue?"  In the case of services, it should offer to
> stop and restart them as well.

I'd rather use a tool like "handle" to figure out exactly which processes
are using a particular file (once its replacement fails)...  Then the
prompt could at least give the following three choices: "Retry (after
stopping the processes)", "Schedule on-reboot replacement", and
"Cancel"...  Even without detecting which processes use the files, a
"Retry" option would be pretty useful to advanced users.
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